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About Us
About Us
The Mashal Bros. Cork House company was established in 1959 and imports and produces cork products and accessories. Throughout the years, the Cork House company has gained an outstanding reputation in the industry, as a company that produces any and all types of cork products.
The company is the exclusive representative of the world’s leading cork company – Amorim, located in Portugal.

What is cork?
Cork is a natural substance produced from the bark of the cork oak, which grows in nature in certain areas and conditions (Portugal, Spain, North Africa, Italy and Sardinia). Cork production is only carried out manually after which the cork goes through a process that includes disinfection.

At the end of the process, the cork is tailored to the characteristics of the final product that will be produced from the cork. The main product made from cork is the natural cork wine bottle stoppers. Bottle stoppers require the highest quality of cork; therefore, only a small percentage of produced cork is used in the production of bottle stoppers.

In the past, cork residue was used for the production of buoys for fishing nets. Today it is also used to manufacture insulation products for the construction industry, wall coverings (claddings), unique products that provide thermal and acoustic insulation, decoration products, parquet floors and the most popular product – cork boards.

Cork products last a lifetime. The cork is a natural breathing material, unchanging, and long-lasting.

In the Cork House you can find:
A selection of wine bottle and barrel stoppers, cork rolls, cork boards, decorative cork for wall coverings, cork for machinery and construction insulation, footwear products, a variety of construction products, and more ...

The Cork House provides ongoing services to a variety of companies and wineries in the country, including:
  • Caramel Winery
  • Barkan Winery
  • Binyamina Winery
  • Golan Heights Winery And more ...
The vast experience accumulated over the years allows the company to produce any customized product based on the customers’ needs.
Manage the business portfolio professionally and with an international vision, in order to maximise the sustainable value creation, seeking excellence in the business model both for products and services with permanent harmony with Nature.
To consolidate and reinforce the Group’s leading cork market position via permanent development of R&D, innovation and human capital;To diversify the Group’s operations to ensure sustainable growth.
Market-orientation to promote Customer` satisfaction and loyalty;Value creation with constant improvement of performance;Responsibility to follow sustainable economic development procedures, social and environmental principles;Human resource motivation creating the appropriate conditions for the success of the Organisation.
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